About me

IMAG1840 (3)I am a Registered Nurse, Personal Trainer, and a single mom who just finished my PhD. In July, 2016, after 14 years of post-secondary education (!), I am thrilled to be joining the Faculty of Nursing at UNB as an Assistant Professor.

I am interested in understanding how to create a healthier, more sustainable health care work force and helping people achieve their personal career and fitness goals.

My research interests include health care leadership and management, social capital, workplace health and well-being, new graduate nurses’ transitions to the workplace, and healthy aging (to name a few). I have university teaching experience in a variety of kinesiology and nursing subjects and am interested in integrating technology and innovative teaching approaches into the courses I teach.

Fitness and health is a foundational part of my life.  I am often experimenting in the kitchen and trying new things.  I am an amateur powerlifter and enjoy many other sports and activities including basketball, the occasional board race at surf lifesaving competitions, and snowshoeing.



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