Nursing Research Summaries

Starting in May, 2017, I am going to be offering monthly Nursing Research Summaries that provide an accessible and manageable way to stay up to date on the latest research in nursing.

With increasingly heavy workloads and busy personal lives, it is difficult for nurses to stay up to date on the latest research. Yet, most of us care deeply about providing the best care to our patients and engaging in evidence-informed practice. As a nursing researcher I am also passionate about getting research out there to the “real world” where it can truly make a difference. Too often research articles only get read by other researchers, limiting their usefulness.

Although we are starting to see more open-access (a.k.a, free) articles, peer-reviewed journal articles are still expensive to buy when they are not open-access and they are time-consuming to read, no matter what your level of expertise is. I am an award-winning peer-reviewer for several journals and it still takes me several hours to review each paper (pre-publication) and provide helpful comments to authors.

Nursing Research Summaries is my attempt at bridging the gap between nursing research and practice. Each monthly edition provides a key summary of 20 of the latest peer-reviewed nursing articles in language that you can easily understand.  I use a wide-range of the top-ranked nursing journals from around the world, covering a variety of nursing specialty areas, nursing workforce issues, leadership, and much more! Before developing each article summary I go through an extensive review process to select the best articles that cover a range of topics that I believe will be interesting and relevant to nurses working on the front lines.

This sounds awesome! Let me know when it’s ready! (Click here to sign up)

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