Research Projects

Currently, I am working on the following research studies:

Employee and Family Assistance Programs for the Identification and Treatment of Workplace Depression. The study is funded by Healthy Minds Canada, Pfizer Canada, and the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation. For more information about the study, please go here. Co-investigators: Dr. Sue O’Donnell, Dr. Patrick Bruning, Jennifer Donovan

Development & Validation of the Nurses’ Workplace Social Capital Questionnaire. This was my dissertation research and I have recently collected a second sample to cross-validate the instrument. For more information about this study, please go here.

Caring near and far – a multi province investigation of remote monitoring technologies connecting community-based older adults and their care team.  Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR): eHealth Innovations Partnership Program (eHIPP) with matching funds from NBHRF and in-kind contributions from Carelink Advantage. Donelle, L. (N-PI),  Regan, S. (Co-PI),  Co-Is: Bauer, M., Borycki, E., Forbes, D., Gaudet, A., Hoch, J., Isaranuwatchai, W., Kerr, M., Loyola, M., McCluskey, K., Milak, G., Peters, P., Read, E.A., Ruptash, T., Sangster-Gormley, E., Stevens, S., Warner, G., Zecevic, A., Zwarenstein, M.

Ekso Perspectives. A pilot study examining the experience of using the Ekso bionic exoskeleton from the perspectives of physiotherapists, patients, and their family members. Co-investigators: Dr. Chris McGibbon & Dr. Colleen O’Connell